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Incense Burning Scent Cones

Incense Burning Scent Cones

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These natural cones are made of the highest quality ingredients and burn up to 14 minutes (depends on drafts).

You get 16 long burning cones (not for use in downdraft burners) in either of the two scents.

Peony = A classic spring fragrance that?s a sweet, powdery and delicate floral scent. Scent Inspiration: Fresh flowers on your table, a flourishing garden, and changing of the seasons

Tibetan Sandalwood (Chinan)= Sandalwood incense cones are handmade in Nepal from delicate blends of exotic flowers and selected Himalayan herbs and spices.  They provide a gentle aroma and create a spiritual mood.

  • The healing aroma of Sandalwood can be used to promote peace and harmony.  It is known to aid in meditation and deep relaxation.

    Can be used in our voodoo doll incense burner

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