Egyptian Ankh Life Symbol Cross Earrings
Egyptian Ankh Life Symbol Cross Earrings
Egyptian Ankh Life Symbol Cross Earrings
Egyptian Ankh Life Symbol Cross Earrings

Egyptian Ankh Life Symbol Cross Earrings

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Egyptian Ankh Life Symbol Cross Earrings

  • Made of hypoallergenic surgical grade stainless steel
  • Symbolizes life at it's fullest
  • 2.7-3"" drop and 1.1" wide
  • Bling those lobes with these unique and inspiring earrings

What does the ankh symbolize?

The ankh meaning is concentrated on symbolizing the importance of life in many various ways. This symbology and meaning is so prevalent that it is no wonder that it is often referred to as the Egyptian symbol of life. The Ankh can represent our physical life on Earth or eternal life after death either in heaven or the underworld. Moreover, it can also symbolize immortality or even reincarnation. The ancient Egyptians thought the symbol so powerful that they wore it for protection against negativity.

Browsing through the different pieces of art created by the ancient Egyptians, we notice the ankh cross was oftentimes being gifted to a Pharaoh. This particular usage seems to indicate the well wishing for a long and prosperous life. There are many hieroglyphs showing common people, but also gods and goddesses who are gifting the ruler such an ankh symbol.

But that is not the only representation of the Egyptian cross in ancient times. The symbol was also painted on tombs and death masks where it appears to represent the passage of the dead person to the afterlife. The UMC symbol combined with the graphic representation of the a worshiped god or goddess was believed to help the deceased pass safely from the Earth to heaven.

Another interesting fact about the Egyptian symbol of life is that it was commonly used in conjunction with naming people. The deceased were often called ankhu, but also pharaohs used the word as the part of their names. In this way, the person taking up the name demonstrates the importance of life both while alive on Earth or in the heavenly realm.

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Super fast shipping and excellent quality for the price I paid. Highly recommended.

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Cindy R.
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Wasn't sure about the quality until it arrived. Very good, Mystic Trends.

Antonio F.
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Cool stuff. My daughter loved the shirt. The quality and graphic was top notch.

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A friend referred me to this site and all the wonderful stuff. I made my first purchase and everything was exactly what I expect. Thank you

Sue L.
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