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Backflow Waterfall Cones

Backflow Waterfall Cones

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Our back-flow or downdraft incense cones are made of the best materials available and 

can provide different benefits depending on the aroma cone used:

  • Calming and relaxing - alpha-santalol acts on the body against anxiety, overworked and stress.
  • Emotionally - Aromatherapy can stimulate the release of chemicals that play a role in releasing the emotions of happiness, creativity, and calm.
  • Strengthening - Moniterpene carbides have antiviral, anti-infective and anti-sponge activity, thus strengthening the immune system.

Enjoy the incredible atmosphere generated by this waterfall of natural resin and discover the benefits of aromatherapy today.


  • Burn-time is 8-10 minutes
  • Each pack includes 16 cones
  • Powerful aromas
  • Several to choose from


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